Iron Remover Plants

All our industrial reverse osmosis Plants are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from normal drinking application to the specific usage, such as food Processing, pharmaceuticals and boiler feeding requirement..

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MS Iron Removal Plant

Specification :

Our specially designed Iron Removal Plant (IRP)s can remove metals and chemical contamination upto 12PPM. Our IRPs are provided with highly adsorptive filters to trap even the last trace of iron content in water and thereby rendering clean and healthy water. it is the most effective solution for Iron removal from water.

Being attached with

  • Sprinkler
  • Lime stone media chamber.
  • Activated carbon media chamber.
  • Filtered storage chamber
  • Treated water outlet
  • Desludging provision
  • Raw water inlet gate valve
  • Backwash inlet gate valve.

We have an exclusive range of :

  • Domestic n Iron Removal Plant
  • Iron Removal Plant for flat and apartments
  • Industrial Iron Removal
  • FRP Iron Removal
  • MS Iron Removal
  • Multi Grade Filter (MGF)
  • Carbon Filter
  • Sand Filter
  • Pressure Filter

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FRP Iron Removal Plant with Softner

Specification :

Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FGRP) composite vessels are 1/3 the weight of carbon steel, strengths are directly comparable to steel, no maintenance & high aesthetic appearance.

  • High performance Composite material
  • Thermoplastic liner of polyester – wall thickness 3.8 mm to 7.6 mm as per vessel diameter.
  • 100 % corrosion resistant
  • Excellent bonding between inlet & PE liner
  • Better curing at high temperature
  • 200 mm to 1,000 mm diameter
  • All are top opening & dia 450 mm onwards top & bottom opening
  • 450 mm onward flange fitting
  • Operating Pressure – 10.5 kgf/cm2
  • Operating temperature – 490 C
  • 250,000 times cycle test from 10 psi to 150 psi
  • Vessels are NSF & PED certified